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Free Section GG Webinar

Register for the free Section GG Webinar on September 29th at 1pm EST. Everyone who registers will receive free access to the recording for 30 days! 

This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and learn about a Medicare assessment that is critical in post-acute care for reimbursement and quality measurement. 

Mastering OT Policy & Medicare Course

Are you ready to learn all about Medicare reimbursement and policy that impacts just about everything you do as an OT practitioner? Then I highly recommend this comprehensive 5 module course. 

This is the course I wish I had as a new grad. Use the button below to learn why and to sign up for the waitlist! Cart opens in October and more details will be coming soon.

Health Policy and Medicare Resources for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

How many hours have you wasted on Google or social media searching for information and not getting any answers? Or you found an answer but it was for physical therapy, nursing, or some other disipline. There has to be a better way to find information than wasting your free time and trying to digest complex documents on your own… right??

Hi! I’m Clarice 👋 – the woman behind Amplify OT. Amplify OT breaks down those complex Medicare documents into easy to understand courses, articles, podcasts, and more specifically for motivated clinicians like you

However, Amplify OT is part of the solution to this problem. It takes a village and this is why YOU are such an important part of this equation. 

Having resources is fantastic, but my mission at Amplify OT is to give you the tools you need to go from guessing to confident. Policy sounds pretty dry, but…  

What if I told you that understanding Medicare policy and reimbursement could actually lead to more job satisfaction, leadership opportunities, and perhaps… more pay? 🧐

Imagine, you have the information and knowledge to advocate for your value as an occupational therapy practitioner AND help you patients in the process. Sound impossible? 

Well, it’s not! Amplify OT provides easy to understand resources to help you achieve your goals. ✅

So, are you ready to start on the journey? 

Knowledge is Power

Access Dynamic Resources to Amplify Your Skills and Take Control of Your Career

Webinars and Courses

We are forever students. Partially becuase our license requires it… but also because clinicians are naturally curious people!  Check out Amplify OT’s webinars see just how easy Medicare and policy can be. 

The Amplify OT Podcast

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a traditional setting.  Podcasts allow you to learn on the go. You can listen to the Amplify OT Podcast here or on your favorite podcast app.  

Clinician Consulting

Get your questions answered! I have a feeling you’ve spent hours scouring the internet for free resources trying to find something that will answer your questions. And… you’ve come up mostly empty handed. 

Save your precious free time and book a consulting session to get your questions answered! 

Breaking Down Barriers: Free Articles

Finally! A resource that breaks down the policy you need to know AND is written for occupational therapy practitioners. Providing these resources is a core mission for AMplify OT.  

Our articles include easy-to-understand language, realistic recommendations, and, best or all, we cite our resources. So, you can go DIRECTLY to the source. No more betting your licenses on social media posts. 

Clarice standing in a light room smiling wearing black pants and a light green puff sleeve shirt

Hi! I'm so glad you're here

I’m Clarice.

An occupational therapist, healthcare policy enthusiast, and OT advocate. I founded Amplify OT to help you navigate and thrive in the traditional medical model.

You can create positive change in the traditional medical model. All it takes is a little know-how and learning to speak the same language as those making the policy. If I can do it , you can too! 💪

I’m a firm believer that by understanding policy, we can better help our patients, advance the profession, and be the change we want to see in the healthcare system.

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