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Free Live Q&A With Clarice!

Join me on Thursday, June 23rd at 6:30 est for a live Q&A! It’s completely free to attend and the perfect way to get your questions answered. We’ll meet live over zoom. Use the registration page to get the zoom info sent to you inbox and submit your question! 

5-Week Group Reimbursement Course

I am so excited for this course! We are now accepting sign-ups for the beta test of this 5 week course all about Medicare, health insurance, reimbursement, and how to advocate for YOUR unique value.  Don’t snooze on this one time opportunity to access this amazing course at a huge discount. 

Ignite Your Passion and Advocate for Your Unique Value!

Speaking up for yourself and your patients can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You are the expert on occupational therapy!

Yes, you read that right. YOU are the expert and YOU can advocate for yourself and the profession. That being said, it is easier to advocate when you have the information you need to be successful. Part of that is understanding how money and policy impacts what we can and cannot do as healthcare providers. Some of that is a uniquely US problem. 

“Health policy” can be a scary term. It gives us images of men in suits making decisions in a dark room. But, that just isn’t the case. The secret to understanding health policy is… to get started!

So, are you ready to start your advocacy and policy journey? After all, if we don’t advocate, who will? 

You're the Expert!

Access My Dynamic Resources to Start Your Policy Journey and Amplify Your Skills.

Webinars and Courses

We are forever students! Partially becuase our license requires it… but also because clinicians are naturally curious people!  Understanding policy and reimbursement isn’t just for management any more. Learn the skills you need to advocate for your unique skills!

The Amplify OT Podcast

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a traditional setting anymore. You can listen here or on your favorite podcast app.  You can take this info with you on the go, while you’re cleaning, or while you’re tryint to put off writing that last note… (you know who you are) 

Clinician Consulting

Get your questions answered! I have a feeling you’ve spent hours scouring the internet for free resources that will answer your question. And… you’ve come out more confused than when you started. I’ve been there! 

Save your precious free time and book a consulting session to get your questions answered! Use the button to learn more about our services!

Breaking Down Barriers: Free Articles

Finally! Free articles that incorporate the policy you need to know with practice. One of my core missions is to make policy more accessible and understandable for clinicians. So, you can count on less jargon and more actionable resources. As an added bonus, I always list additionalr eading at the bottom of each article so you can actually go straight to the source. Even if you’re new to policy, these articles are for you!

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Hi! I'm so glad you're here

I’m Clarice.

An occupational therapist, healthcare policy enthusiast, and advocate. I founded Amplify OT to help you navigate and thrive in the traditional medical model.

I started my career in policy as a student at Columbia University. I’m here to tell you that you can create positive change in the traditional medical model. 

I’m a firm believer that by understanding policy, we can better help our patients, advance the profession, and be the change we want to see in the healthcare system.

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