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Our mission is to provide you with the information you need on health policy and advocacy because you deserve a seat at the table.

You know you have value and you know your services are important. And making that value known can be a challenge. Especially in our ever changing health care system. 

As our system has shifted towards value-based and preventative care over volume-based care (providing as much therapy as possible), we are required to shift with it. 

Policy impacts everything we do as clinicians from productivity, salary, what patients we can see, treatments we can provide, and so much more. 

Understanding policy is like understanding the rules of the road. But instead of trying to get to Home Goods, you’re trying to help your patient achieve their goals. Or maybe you’re trying to move into a leadership position. Perhaps, you’re just trying to keep your head above water as you learn to navigate the US Healthcare system. 

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here!

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Hi, I'm Clarice

I’m an occupational therapist, enneagram 8, and a health policy nerd. 

I became an OT because I wanted a career that helped others, kept me on my toes, was science-based, and had good job prospects.

However, as a new grad, I felt like there was this invisible force preventing me back from fully showing off the value of OT.  I felt like I couldn’t provide high-quality care or give my patients the care they needed. Why? Because I was told Medicare didn’t cover most of the services I asked for.

All of that changed when I started looking into this invisible force that many called “Medicare” and I realized that services aren’t as restricted as I thought. I learned how OT services are actually paid for AND I learned how to use my skills as an OT to advocate for my value. 

You have all the skills you need as an OT Practitioner and student to advocate for OT. I can help you find your voice and use it to speak up and advocate for your value and your services. 

So, stick around, learn about our pillars, and explore what services we offer to help you achieve YOUR goals. You’re worth the investment. 

Our Pillars and Purpose

Our purpose is to uplift the occupational therapy profession by empowering practitioners and students to engage in advocacy. Knowledge is power and you can make a difference in our healthcare system. Through advocacy, we can help our patients, ourselves, and our profession. And just maybe, we can create a healthcare system that works for clinicians and patients alike. 

Amplify OT Sphere logo multicolor

Say hello to our magical sphere! It represents Amplify OT’s three pillars of advocacy, policy, and quality as represented by the three sections.  


OT practitioners are experts in task analysis, problem-solving, and goal development. Every day you convince that patient to get out of bed, you’re engaging in advocacy. We want to help you take those skills to advocate for every scenario. 


Policy is everywhere and is a key part of successful advocacy. If we don’t understand how we are paid, how can we advocate for more money? We’re here to prove that policy can be easy.


With value-based care on the rise, we HAVE to ensure we are providing a high quality of care. Check out our article on why occupational therapy should be included in healthcare quality measures and how it impacts your practice. 

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