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Amplify OT's Favorite Resources

Because changing healthcare for the better takes a village!

We can’t solve every problem here at Amplify OT, so we’ve listed our most trusted resources below for you to explore.

With these resources, we feel confident you can achieve your goals and be the professional you want to be!

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Featured Products

Browse through our selection of affiliate products and links to get special merchandise, discounts and offers.

Amplify OT Amazon Store Front

Curated by Clarice Grote, Amplify OT’s Amazon Storefront is a hub of fieldwork must-haves, OT amplifier notebooks, and fun merchandise including phone cases, tshirts, bags, and more! 

Show others that you’re an OT Amplifier!

Interventions & Documentation

Having trouble with interventions ideas? Or do you finish a great session only to sit down and have no idea what to document?  OT Accelerator from OT Flourish is a must-use occupational therapy resources!

OT Accelerator: Occupational Therapy Resources for Home Health and SNF

Mandy at OT Flourish is basically the fun OT aunt and mentor you didn’t know you needed in your life.
Ya know… the one who takes you out for a glass of wine after you have a patient fall? Or who can both laugh and console you after a bathroom incident? That’s her.

OT Accelerator is PERFECT for any OT or OTA in the home health or SNF setting. Mandy not only teaches you high quality and skilled interventions, but she also focuses on learning the WHY behind each intervention. That WHY is essential for understanding your skill and value as an OT practitioner. I highly encourage you to check out her engaging content, community, and videos. 

This resource by OT Flourish is designed to help OT practitioners who work with older adults in SNF and Home Health

Anyone from fieldwork student to clinician can benefit from her resources. 

OT Continuing Education Resources


Subscribe to Medbrige to advance your skills, earn CEUs, motivate clients, and drive behavior change with evidence-based continuing education and client engagement.

I like Medbridge because they have leadership, policy, and intervention courses. Plus they have some great programs regarding compliance for private practice owners. 

Use Amplify OT’s link (below) to save up to 40% off. It’s the best deal you’ll find. 

Documentation and Ethics for PT, OT & Other Rehab Professionals

This course by PESI is designed to help you cut down on time spent on documentation so that you can get “get back to doing what you love — helping your patients!”

Sign up below to get the course for only $199.99, which is a massive drop-down from the valued price of $1,129.91! We could all use a little help in the ethics and documentation department. 

Advance Your Career

Therapy Blogging 101

The Non-Clinical PT provides this online entrepreneurship course for clinicians that dives deep into how to become a web-based business owner. This is the exact course I took in 2020 to start Amplify OT! If I can do it – you can do it. 

Join using Amplify OT’s exclusive link to save 15%! Your future awaits!

Non-Clinical 101

Another A+ offering by the Non-Clinical PT: Learn how you can launch your non-clinical career today — because as hard as it is to believe, you can get a fresh start without starting over!

Meredith has a proven trackrecord of helping OT/OTAs, PT/PTAs, and SLPs use their degrees in new and innovative ways!

Sign up below to save 20% on the course.

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