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Clarice Grote, MS, OTR/L

Clarice Grote, MS, OTR/L

AOTA Inspire 2023: Advocacy and Policy Sessions

It’s that time of year again for AOTA Inspire 2023! It was especially challenging to pick out what sessions to put on this list because so many of them had to do with Advocacy.

This list of sessions is not necessarily comprehensive but should give you a good start in putting together your schedule for Kansas City! I have also bolded the sessions that I would consider “can’t miss”. There are so many areas that involve advocacy, that if I listed them all this article might never end!

Unfortunately, this year I am unable to attend AOTA Inspire 😭 so if you attend these advocacy sessions, take a picture at tag me on IG @amplify_OT and I’ll live vicariously through you!

Pro Tips for Amplify Inspire 2023:

  • Download the AOTA Inspire App and Log In
    • Under settings, turn on “multi-device sync” so if you have to restart the app like I did last year you won’t lose all of your saved sessions. 
  • Sort sessions by ‘track’ including Advocacy, DEI, Reimbursement, and others! 
  • Stop by AOTA and AOTPAC booths to ask questions, network, and learn what advocacy is happening on your behalf.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover! Make sure to read the descriptions of sessions to see if it covers more than what you might expect and don’t underestimate session with less catchy titles. 
  • Make time for pasters. This is a great opportunity to network! 
  • Attend 2 or 3 sessions outside of your normal interest
  • Talk to the speakers! We love hearing from you and it’s a great way to network as well.

Enjoy Kansas City! It’s my home town so don’t skip on the BBQ. Q39 is my personal favorite (make a reservation) but you also can’t go wrong with Joe’s KC (authentic gas station BBQ that is worth the experience)

Day 1: Thursday, April 20th

8:00 AM CST

  • Conversations That Matter 101: Supporting & Strengthening the OT–OTA Relationship: Embracing Professional Roles Begins in the Classroom
    • 50 minutes – Academic education
    • Primary Speaker: Jessica Mason, OTD, OTR/L  
  • Conversations That Matter 104: Mental Health Innovation & Advocacy: Creating Innovative Practice Opportunities to Meet Mental Health Needs
    • 50 minutes – Advocacy
    • Kristi Lynn Hape OTD, OTR/L

8:00 AM CST

  • *Short Course 117: The Latest Scoop on Medicare Part A Postacute Care Payment
    • 1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Jennifer Bogenrief JD
  • Short Course 104: Grassroots Advocacy Through Special Interest Groups: Application of Best Practices in Creating an Advocacy-Focused State Association Special Interest Group
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Sarah McKinnon OTD, MPA, OTRL, BCPR
  • Short Course 116: Intersection of Health Equity & Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Clinical Contexts
    • 1 hour – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Brocha Z. Stern PhD, OTR, CHT
  • SRP 101A: Experiences of Self-advocacy Behaviors Extend Beyond Seeking Academic Accommodations for Undergraduates with Learning and Attention Disabilities

9:00 AM CST

  • Conversations That Matter 106: Let’s Get Real: Facilitators & Barriers to Embracing Your Role as Specialized Instructional Support Personnel in School-Based Practice Under the Every Student Succeeds Act
    • 50 minutes – Children & Youth
    • Lauren Milton OTD, OTR/L
  • Conversations That Matter 108: OT Practitioners Working Toward Quality in Health Care 
    • 50 minutes – Children & Youth
    • Kelly Jane Tanner Ph.D., OTR/L, BCP
  • Poster 1-904: Promoting OT Involvement in End-of-Life Care Through Advocacy & Education
    • 2 hours – Gerontology
    • Mackenzie Feldhacker OTD, OTR/L, CLT-LANA

10:00 AM CST

  • *Short Course 134: What Is Interoperability & Why Does It Matter to Me?
    • 1 hour – Administration & Management
    • Julie Malloy OTD, MOT, OTR/L, PMP, CPHQ, FNAP
  • Short Course 121: Advancing the Profession Through Congressional Advocacy
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Heather Parsons MSOT
  • Short Course 128: Roles, Responsibilities, & Value of OT on an Integrated Primary Care Team
    • 1 hour – Innovative and Evolving Practice
    • Mandi Ogaard MA, OT/L
  • Short Course 118: Role With It! Defining the OT Practitioner Role Through Intraprofessional Collaborative Educational Experiences
    • 1 hour – Academic Education
    • Tiffany Bolton OTD, OTR/L
  • Short Course 123: Furthering Diversity, Community, & Leadership in the Field of OT: Occupational Therapy: The Development of a High School Mentorship Program
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Diana Castellanos
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2:45 PM CST

  • *Short Course 151: Discharge Planning After Acute Hospitalization: Rethinking the “Safe” Discharge Plan
    • 1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Tyler Cashmer PT, DPT
  • Short Course 138: How to Negotiate for the Salary You Want
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Michele Alaniz OTR/L, BCP
  • Short Course 144: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: OT Spearheading the Infusion of Rehabilitation Services Into Palliative Care Practice
    • 1 hour – Occupation-Based Practice
    • Ann M. Henshaw MPH, MBA, OTR
  • Workshop 112: Elevating the OT Practitioner’s Role in Postacute Care Settings Through Meaningful Occupations
    • 3 hours – Gerontology
    • Sabrena McCarley OTR/L, FAOTA

3:00 PM CST

  • Embracing Entrepreneurship: Fireside Chat
    • 1 hour – General Session
    • Sarah Thomas, OTR, Executive Strategist on Aging Innovation
  • Poster 2-206: Advocacy in Action for Rural OT Practitioners
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • McKenzie Peterson

4:15 PM CST

  • Short Course: Urget Call to Action: Advocating for DEI in OT Education and Practice
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Lisa Connor
  • Short Course 167: Advocating for Our Distinct Value Through the Use of the American Occupational Therapy Association’s Official Documents
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Meredith Gronski OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA, CLA
  • Short Course 163: Climate Change, Sustainability, & OT: Opportunities for Action in Practice, Education, Advocacy, & Research
    • 1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Susan Lingelbach OTD, MA, OTR/L
  • Maximizing Occupational Therapy’s Impact in a Post-Dobbs World
    • 1 hour 
  • Short Course 155: Promoting the Value of OT Services Under the Patient-Driven Payment Model
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Anadee Nikte

5:00 PM CST

  • Student 105: Congress, the Future of OT, & Finding Your Voice
    • 50 minutes – Advocacy
    • Heather Parsons MSOT

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Day 2: Friday, April 21st

8:00 AM CST

  • Federal Sections Day 201
    • 1 hour 15 minutes – Administration & Management
    • Beth A. Salisbury MA, OTR/L
  • Conversations That Matter 203: Promoting Professional Competency & Advocacy Across the Continuum of Care Rooted in the Medical Model
    • 50 minutes – Physical Rehabilitation
    • Amanda Wheeler Ph.D., OTR/L
  • Workshop 207: The Elephant in the Room: Best Practices for Navigating Difficult Conversations in Inpatient Rehabilitation
    • 3 hours – Primary Topic Category
    • Keara McNair OTR/L, BCPR, ATP
  • Conversations That Matter 204: Using the Evidence to Advocate for OT’s Role in Mental Health
    • 50 minutes – Advocacy
    • Carol Lambdin-Pattavina OTD, OTR/L, CTP

8:30 AM CST

  • *Short Course 217: OT Practitioners as Key Stakeholders in Creating Evidence: Making Your Voices Heard
    • 1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Felicia Chew MS, OTR/l, FAOTA, FNAP
  • Short Course 216: American Occupational Therapy Association–National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy OT Licensure Compact Initiative
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Chuck Willmarth CAE
  • Scientific Research Panel 201
    • 1 hour – Health Services Research
    • Jessica Edelstein PhD, OTR/L
  • Short Course 203: Supporting Care Transitions for Individuals in Medicaid Home & Community-Based Service Waiver Programs Using Interoperable Assessments
    • 1 hour – Home & Community Health
    • Jennifer Weaver Ph.D., OTR/L, CBIS
  • Short Course 204: Let’s Raise Our Voices! Embracing Our Scope of Practice, Confidence, & Influence as Leaders in School-Based OT
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Lisa Marnell OTD
  • SRP 201A: Examination of Differences Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

9:00 AM CST

  • AOTA is Looking for Talent: Find Your Fit with the Volunteer Skills & Competencies Framework
    • 1 hour 
  • Poster 3-4007: Collaboration With Municipal Government for Program Evaluation to Support Employment of People With Disabilities
    • 2 hours – Rehabilitation & Disability
    • Molly Bathje Ph.D., MS, OTR/L
  • Poster 3-604: Linking Advocacy & JEDI In the Health Professions: Application of Best Practices to Elevate Interprofessional Clinical Practice
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Sarah McKinnon OTD, MPA, OTRL, BCPR
  • SRP 201B: Social Determinants of Health Measures & Successful Community Discharge Across Rehabilitation Service Areas

10:00 AM CST

  • *Short Course 234: Growing Strong Women Leaders in OT
    • 1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Sharon G. Gartland OTD, OTR
  • Conversations That Matter 211: Working Outside the Box: Exploring Perceptions of OT in Nontraditional Settings
    • 50 minutes – General & Professional Issues
    • Joan Ziegler Delahunt OTD, OTR/L
  • Conversations That Matter 212: Transitioning From Classroom to Action: Opportunities for Student Involvement in Leadership, Advocacy, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • 50 minutes – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Monica Manfredonia
  • Short Course 221: Private Practice Essentials for Reimbursement Town Hall
    • 1 hour – Coding & Billing/Payment Policy
    • Katie Jordan OTD, FAOTA

12:30 PM CST

  • Poster 4-204: A System Approach to Addressing Occupational Injustice in Criminal Justice Institutions: Learning From Community Legal Advocates
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Michelle Kearb
  • Poster 4-205: Exploration of the Use of Social Media by OT Practitioners as a Means of Advocacy & Engagement for the Profession
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Rebecca Kvasnicka DrOT, OTR/L
  • Poster 4-313: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunity: Developing an Advocacy Stance in Your School District
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Patricia A. Laverdure OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA, BCP
  • Poster 4-705: Promoting OT Through Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Margaret Beckley Ph.D., EdS, OTR, FAOTA

1:00 PM CST

  • Workshop 218: Opportunity & Challenge: Advocacy, Collaboration, & Practice on a Person-Centered Medication Safety Team
    • 3 hours – General & Professional Issues
    • Carol Siebert OTD, OT/L, FAOTA

1:30 PM CST

  • *Short Course 251: THINK-OT (Teaching Hospitalists Interprofessional Knowledge on OT): Increasing Understanding of the Role of OT on the Medicine Service
    •  1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Colleen Craven
  • Short Course 235: Advancing Intraprofessional Collaboration in the OT Curriculum: A Multiuniversity Design
    •  1 hour – Academic Education (includes Fieldwork Education)
    • Karen Probst OTD, OTR/L, CEAS

2:00 PM CST

  • Student 205: Coding & Billing 101 
    • 50 minutes – Coding & Billing/Payment Policy
    • Katie Jordan OTD, FAOTA
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3:00 PM CST

  • Poster 5-603: Spiritual Advocacy: Exploring Perceptions of Access & Inclusion for Individuals With Disabilities in the Catholic Church
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Paula J. Thompson-Costello
  • Poster 5-704: What Is the Role of an OT Practitioner in Advancing Advocacy & Policy? A Scoping Review
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Natalie Petrone OTD, OTR/L
  • Poster 5-902: Expanding the Impact of OT Services in Skilled Nursing Facilities: Using an Occupation-Based Dementia Care Curriculum for Certified Nursing Assistants
    • 2 hours – Gerontology
    • Gina C. Tucker-Roghi OTD, OTR/L, BCG

4:00 PM CST

  • Fun with AOTPAC: “OT Game” Time
    • 1 hour

Day 3: Saturday, April 22nd

8:00 AM CST

  • Workshop 303: Developing Advocacy Knowledge & Skills in OT Students & Practitioners
    • 3 hours – Academic Education
    • Steven Bowen OTD, OTR/L, CAPS
  • Workshop 302: We Did It! Permanent Flexibility to Open Home Health Care Cases Propels OT Practice Forward
    • 3 hours – Home & Community Health
    • Kelly Sajdak OTR, MSOLA

8:30 AM CST

  • Short Course 306: Development & Delivery of Research Engagement & Advocacy for Diverse Individuals (READI): A Curriculum to Build Health Research Capacity
    • 1 hour  – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Karla Ausderau
  • Short Course 316: Opportunities for Innovative OT Practice: Health Resources & Services Administration Funding Opportunities
    •  1 hour – Advocacy
    • Gina C. Tucker-Roghi OTD, OTR/L, BCG

9:00 AM CST

  • Conversations That Matter 307: We’ve Reached the Tipping Point in Health Care: Are You Prepared?
    • 50 minutes – Innovative and Evolving Practice
    • Helene Theriault
  • Poster 6-104: Increasing Level II Fieldwork Opportunities: A Multilevel Education & Advocacy Campaign for Change
    • 2 hours – Academic Education (includes Fieldwork Education)
    • Catherine Canavan MS, OTR/L
  • Poster 6-202: Capstone Proposal: Creating Educational Experiences to Build Self-Advocacy Skills in Entry-Level OTs 
    • 2 hours – Academic Education
    • Desiree Taylor
  • Poster 6-203: Role of OT as Advocates for Genetic Literacy & Newborn Screening: Where Do We Begin?
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Donnielle Rome OTR/L
  • Poster 6-207: Putting Advocacy Into Action: Increasing OT’s Role in Mental Health
    • 2 hours – Advocacy
    • Michele K. Johnson OTD/OTR/L

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10:00 AM CST

  • Short Course 333: State Policy Forum
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Chuck Willmarth CAE

12:45 PM CST

  • Poster 7-4006: Advocacy & Self-Advocacy for Chronic Pain Conditions: Addressing Accommodations & Strategies for Community Reintegration
    • 2 hours – Chronic Conditions
    • Lindsey Reeves OTD, OTR/L, CEAS
  • Poster 7-4015: OT Transformation: Establishing Value for Acute Care OTs
    • 2 hours – Leadership
    • Tara Wilde OTR/L

1:00 PM CST

  • Conversations That Matter 316: Calling All OT Professionals: Supporting Advancement in Workforce Capacity
    • 50 minutes – General & Professional Issues
    • Dr. Scott A. Trudeau
  • Workshop 312: There Is More Than One A in “Team”: A Collaborative, Multidisciplinary Approach to Affect Policy Change
    • 3 hours – Coding & Billing/Payment Policy
    • Candice Mullendore MS, OTR/L

1:30 PM CST

  • Short Course 335: Creating Collaborative Opportunities for Intraprofessional Relationships Between OT & OTA Students
    • 1 hour – Academic Education (includes Fieldwork Education)
    • Callie L. Watson
  • Short Course 337: Creating & Developing Community Partnerships to Meet Diverse Community Needs
    • 1 hour – Home & Community Health
    • Ashley Hobson DSc, MOT, OTR/L
  • Short Course 350: AOTA Volunteerism 101
    • 1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Aliza Ross MEd

2:00 PM CST

  • Conversations That Matter 317: How Are OT Faculty & Students Using & Creating Social Media Content to Promote Learning & Engagement?
    • 50 minutes –  Academic Education (includes Fieldwork Education)
    • Lisa Tolan OTD, OTR/L

3:00 PM CST

  • *Short Course 359: The Documentation Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together to Illustrate Skill
    • 1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Kourtne Donnaud
  • Poster 8-4002: Vision in Acute Care: OT’s Role in Patient Advocacy & Implementation of a Standardized Vision Tool Kit
    • 2 hours – Low Vision
    • Megan Etzel OTR/L

4:00 PM CST

  • Student 306: The Pursuit of Parenthood in the LGBTQ+ Community: Experiences, Challenges, & OT’s Role
    • 50 minutes – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Chelsey Jo Small

7:30 PM CST

  • AOTPAC Night: Celebration of 45 Years of OT Advocacy – Action in the Spotlight!
    • 3 hours

Day 4: Sunday, April 23rd

10:00 AM CST

  • Short Course 418: Child & Adult Advocacy: Meeting the Need for Multidisciplinary Prevention & Response
    • 1 hour – Advocacy
    • Shana Cerny OTD, OTR/L, BCP
  • Short Course 427: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice for Health Professions: Promoting Better Client Outcomes
    • 1 hour – General & Professional Issues
    • Mary Geders Falcetti MA, OTR/L FAOTA
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