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I believe that a basic understanding of healthcare policy can give you more freedom, negotiating power, and make you a change agent.

Health policies are like the map of navigating the US healthcare system and Amplify OT is your GPS. By understanding the rules of the road, practitioners can better understand their role, their value, and can better help guide patients through the continuum of care. 

Amplify OT provides resources on advocacy, policy, and value-based care for therapy practitioners and students. Our articles and podcasts are always free to reduce barriers to information that can help you thrive in the traditional medical model. 

Amplify OT's Resources

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Free Articles

We write articles all about Value-Based Carer, Healthcare Quality, Medicare Policy, Federal Legislation, Advocacy, and more! And the best thing is they’re free! Our mission is to reduce barriers to accessing information you need to be a successful and ethical provider. 

OT Resources

The Adult Rehab Guide and OT Billing Guide are perfect for any clinician to take on the go. The Adult Rehab Guide looks at every geriatric/adult setting and identifies therapy coverage, common diagnoses, and OT interventions. PLUS, it includes info on Medicare, DME, and more! The OT Billing Guide is a perfect cheat sheet on CPT codes, the 8-minute rule, and common health insurance terms your patients are guaranteed to ask about. Use code “OTadvocate” for 15% off!

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1:1 Mentoring

We offer 1:1 mentoring to help you transition to a new clinical setting, problem-solve issues at work, or learn about Medicare policies impacting your job. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions, gain resources, and gain the skills you need to be an effective advocate. 

Free Podcast

The Amplify OT Podcast is still relatively new, but it perfectly complements our free articles. With new episodes coming out at least once a month, it’s a great way to learn about policy on the go. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app, or use the link below to listen.

The Amplify OT Podcast with Clarice Grote
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You’re ready for change. But where do you start?

Hi, I’m Clarice – an occupational therapist and the founder and CEO of Amplify OT. I started my career in policy as a student and continued to gain experience while working full-time as a clinician. And now, I’ve made it my sole focus to help you gain the knowledge you need to be a force of change in our healthcare system. 

As a new grad in home health, I was told that Medicare doesn’t cover more than 20 visits, or Medicare requires visits to be 30 minutes long. I knew that didn’t sound right, but I didn’t know how to push back against the incorrect statements. 

As a result, I lost money with a low caseload, I felt powerless, and I was upset that my patients weren’t getting the care they deserved. 

After some research, I learned how to find Medicare policies, read them, and use them to advocate for my patients and my job. I can help you do the same thing. 

Change is possible, but it takes a village. With the right tools, you can be the change you want to see in the health care system. And I’m here to help you do that. 

So check out our free resources or schedule a 1:1 call with me where I can answer all your questions!

Why You Should Care About Policy


Medicare Policy Influence Everything

As we all know, what Medicare does is often adopted by other providers. Plus, if you work in geriatrics, it is one of the most common payer types. So, if we understand Medicare policy, we can better serve patients and ensure we are compliant with the law.


Policy Influences Your Pay

We can't get paid appropriately if we aren't billing correctly for our services. Additionally, if we don't accurately document our skill and services, we risk denials. Denials and underbilling lead to less play and fewer job opportunities. Further, if you don't know the policy, you could be losing revenue through unnecessary visit limits.


What Happens in DC Doesn't Stay in DC

Did you know that most Medicare policy starts as a piece of legislation in Congress? And that the legislation can sometimes take years before it impacts practice? Paying attention and engaging in advocacy early in the process allows you to effect change before it is too late.


A Bad Policy Can Erase Therapy

It sounds extreme to say that one bad policy could make therapy professions a non-viable career, but it's true. Without advocacy, therapy services could be left out of legislation, could lose licensure, or have reimbursement slashed. Continuous vigilance is needed and that's why we post monthly advocacy updates.


And So Much More

I could go on for hours about the importance of policy and advocacy. Understanding the rules and regulations that govern our profession is required by the Code of Ethics, allows us to explain our services to patients, and ensures we are compliant with laws.

Are you convinced yet?

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Woman with blue fingernail polish reading an Amplify OT Article on her phone about PDPM

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