Submitting a Proposal for AOTA INSPIRE

How to Submit an AOTA INSPIRE Proposal

Have you attended a conference and thought, “I sure wish they had something on X,Y or Z?”

Have you ever thought about maybe you are the person to make that happen??

Our profession needs to hear what you have to say and you need to share your expertise with everyone who will listen!! Even if you aren’t sure you’re ready, learning the steps on how to do it will help you prepare.

I’m Clarice – an occupational therapist and the founder of Amplify OT. I presented my first poster at AOTA’s annual conference just a year after graduating. I took the research I did on Accountable Care Organizations during my fieldwork experience with AOTA, put it into a poster, hit submit in the summer of 2018, and found myself presenting in New Orleans in 2019. I loved it so much I thought why not give a short course (1.5 hour presentation) a try. I submitted for 2020 in Boston and was accepted! But… COVID rained on everybody’s parade, and it was canceled. Since then, I’ve provided three presentations at AOTA INSPIRE 2021 and two at AOTA INSPIRE 2022.

If I can do it, you can do it!

Submitting a proposal is easier than you think if you put in some work. And you are worth putting in the work!

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