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New Practitioner Guide to Reimbursement

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Congrats! You’re finally ready to get working and receive that sweet payday. But, there’s one thing missing… how exactly do you get paid? 

We know the paycheck comes from our employer. And we know that we bill for our services. But, how do we know if we are billing correctly? How do we know that we are providing ethical and legal services? 

Well, that’s part of why I created Amplify OT. I’m Clarice Grote and I’m the Founder of Amplify OT where we provide resources for OT practitioners and students about advocacy, policy, and quality. 

You deserve to understand your role as an OT practitioner and how reimbursement impacts you, your job, and your patients. As an occupational therapist, I know that starting your first job can feel intimidating and exhausting. It’s hard to sort out what is up from down, especially when it comes to reimbursement. 

But, you do not have to struggle through it alone. 

With the reimbursement bundle, you’ll get all of the materials you need to better understand your role as an OT practitioner and how it affects your reimbursement.

Most OT/OTAs that I meet have little idea of how their services are paid for. Maybe you have tried searching for answers only to find a never-ending rabbit hole of long documents full of jargon that takes even more time to try and understand. Or, maybe you found something, but it really only talked about physical therapy, nursing, or management and it’s got you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and more lost than when you started.  

But, at Amplify OT, we do things differently.  But, at Amplify OT, you’re in charge of the services that you provide.

  • You deserve to feel confident advocating for your unique value and comfortable answering patient questions like “will my insurance cover that?” without feeling frustrated and wasting your precious free time.  
  • You know you provide a valuable service and you deserve to feel confident answering questions and explaining why your company needs your unique skills, with evidence to back you up.
  • You’re an OT practitioner which means you’re an expert at identifying barriers and supports, developing a plan, and thinking about how you can help others meet their goals. 

I’m simply going to show you how to use the skills you already have to help both your patients and yourself while potentially maximizing your reimbursement. 

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