Welcome to Amplify OT’s Medicare & Reimbursement Course!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I can’t wait for you to discover new information, radiate confidence, and know your value in providing necessary services.

Learning policy and how our system works is all about putting together the Lego pieces. Each time you learn a new term or concept, you get a Lego, and eventually, you’re able to start putting the house together!

Most videos are under 15-20 minutes. This was intential because I understand how busy life is when working as a clinician. Hopefully, you can fit these videos in on breaks, lunch, or whenever makes sense for you!

To get the most out of this course, I encourage you to take your time moving through the content. The first three modules are pretty content heavy especially if some of these topics are new to you.

Don’t be surprised if there are some videos you need to watch multiple times. It takes a lot of exposure to these terms and concepts to commit them to memory. This is just part of the journey! So, keep your head up and remember you are capable of great things!

Check out the ‘topics’ in this lesson to learn more about how to navigate the course, access your certificate, take quizzes, etc. Remember, in order to earn CEU credit, you’ll need to mark each lesson and topic complete. Once this is done, you’ll be able to access the final CEU quiz. The quizes built into the lessons are not required for CEU credit.

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