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Occupational Therapy Adult Rehab Reimbursement Course – Student Version

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Educating the future of the profession on Medicare policy, reimbursement, and advocacy is challenging and vital. However, it is difficult to ensure information is accurate and up to date. 

Unlike many other professional topics, health policy is constantly changing and evolving. So, textbooks go out of date overnight, leaving programs, students, and practitioners searching for resources that are difficult to find. 

To solve this problem, I created the OT Adult Rehab Reimbursement Course. Think of this course like a continuously updated textbook that students won’t mind using — they may even enjoy it!

With this course, you’re getting policy knowledge tailored to occupational therapy practitioners. So, no more crossing our fingers and hoping information from a general health policy book also applies to OT. 

This saves practitioners and programs hours of research because I’ve already done the work of reading the policy and translating it for OT in a way that makes sense to clinicians and students. Each video has a designated handout with links to CMS, AOTA, and Amplify OT resources. 

The entire course is on-demand videos that students and faculty can access from any device that has access to the internet. This eliminates any challenges trying to find a magic hour where the schedules align


Pricing is based on the total number of enrolled students. For example, if a program has two cohorts of 40 students each who all need to enroll at the same time, the program would select the 50-100 category.

  • 1-50: $800
  • 50-100: $1000
  • 100-150 $1200
  • 150-200 $1400
  • 200+ contact me

What’s included:  

  • One year of unlimited access to all lessons
  • Two faculty subscriptions
  • Each student has an individual login and can track their course progress
  • Program-specific page
  • Closed captioning
  • Auto-grading quizzes for each lesson
  • Certificate of completion for each quiz
  • Monthly webinar recordings as bonus lessons

You’re busy, and keeping track of all this information can be challenging. Let’s partner together to help the next generation of occupational therapy practitioners enter the field with the policy knowledge they need! 

To see the courses in action, schedule a demo by emailing me at 

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