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2024 AOTA Election
Chat with the Candidates

Learn about each candidates perspectives and values as they answer questions about why they are running, the role of AOTA, how to address workforce and membership concerns, and more!

Voting opens February 2nd – February 23 at 11:59am EST.

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President-Elect Interviews

Michael Pizzi

Play Video

Vikram Pagpatan

Play Video about 2024 AOTA Elections PResident Interviews with Amplify OT Vikram Pagpatan - showing an image of vikram pagpatan in a suit

Karen Sames

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Arameh Anvarizadeh

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Vice president Interviews

Cristina Reyes Smith

Play Video about 2024 AOTA Elections Vice President Interviews with Amplify OT Cristina Reyes Smith - showing an image of Cristina Reyes Smith

Natalie Chang Wright

Play Video about 2024 AOTA Elections Vice President Interviews with Amplify OT Natalie Chang Wright - showing an image of Natalie Chang Wright

For day-to-day election updates, check out our community with our free membership, or dive right into all of our resources with our full-access pass!

Voting is now closed.
until voting closes

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2024 AOTA Election Interviews

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