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Transform your teaching with Amplify OT

The essential resources you need to simplify your job.
Resources for OT by an OT.

Tired of scouring the internet for up-to-date material?

Amplify OT has done the work for you. Check out what we can offer.

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The Amplify OT Podcast breaks down complicated topics so students can learn wherever they are.

Popular episodes include:

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The Amplify OT Podcast is published every other Tuesday and is available on all podcast platforms. Check out our latest episodes at

Consider integrating the Amplify OT Podcast into your course and for discussions in class!


We also have dedicated pages to our skilled nursing facility and home health resources:

Clarice Grote standing behind Amplify OT Logo - advocacy, policy, quality

Meet Clarice Grote

OT, Medicare specialist, Founder & CEO of Amplify OT

I created Amplify OT to help you navigate the healthcare system with ease. As a new practitioner I struggled to understand reimbursement or what exactly Medicare covered. As a result, I struggled to advocate for my patients, for OT, and I put my license at risk.

Amplify OT packages this knowledge into accessible resources, ensuring you and your students feel confident and up-to-date in our ever-evolving field!

I don’t want the future of our profession to feel powerless like I did. They deserve to feel empowered and ready to create future opportunities for occupational therapy! What do you think?

Guest Lectures and Keynotes

Book an OT Medicare Specialist to enhance your classroom experience or to inspire students at your next event! 

Comprehensive Learning Tools

Virtual Textbook: All-in-One Resource for OT Billing, Policy, and Advocacy

Over 30 on-demand video lessons available in the Amplify OT Membership – Student edition.

  • A dynamic resources students will actually use
  • Aligned with ACOTE standards
  • Auto-grading quizzes and student reports
  • Recommended assignments and faculty support
  • Integrate into multiple courses 
  • Used by 12 Universities and growing!

Fieldwork Planner and Guide

The Amplify Your Experience OT or OTA Fieldwork Planner and Reflection Guide helps students track their weekly progress and engage in evidence-based journaling and reflection.


  • 12 week OT Planner 
  • 8 week OTA Planner 
  • Weekly and monthly planning layouts 
  • Evidence-based reflection practices to support self-efficacy and emotional development 
  • Crucial resource pages on communicating with a supervisor, billing codes, Medicare plans, insurance terms, abbreviations
  • … and so much more!

*Bulk order discounts are available for 15 or more Amplify Your Experience Planners. Contact us for a bulk order.

Adult Rehab Guide

This amazing resource is designed to help practitioners better understand how to communicate their value to management and help answer patient questions about Medicare coverage related to occupational therapy.

Covers occupational therapy services in major adult rehab settings, including:

  • Acute Care
  • Long-Term Care Hospital
  • Inpatient Rehab Facility
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Home Health
  • Hospice
  • Outpatient
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