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Occupational Therapy's Adult Rehab Reimbursement Course

Picture this:
An occupational therapist and Medicare specialist teaches you what you need to know about Medicare and reimbursement in only 5 weeks.

You feel more confident and you can really let your OT Magic shine!

For Occupational Therapy. By an Occupational Therapist

Gain Confidence. Know Your Value.

Congrats! You’re finally living the life of an OT practitioner and receiving that sweet payday. Now it's time to figure out how you get paid.

We know a paycheck comes from our employer. And we know that we bill for our services. Do you know if you are billing correctly? What do you know about reimbursement and Medicare?

As a new practitioner, I definitely couldn't answer those questions and I paid the price. I struggled to advocate for my clinical judgment and my patients. As a result, I lost money and my patients didn't get the care they deserved.

I’m Clarice Grote and I’m the Founder of Amplify OT. I teach people like you about advocacy, health policy, and quality without all the struggle.

You deserve to understand your role as an OT practitioner and how reimbursement impacts you, your job, and your patients.

I had to learn a lot of this stuff on my own. I created this course with a group learning component so, you don't have to go it alone.

In this reimbursement course, you’ll get all of the materials you need to better understand your role as an OT practitioner and how to use reimbursement to your advantage.

At Amplify OT, we do things differently.

This course is written for occupational therapy practitioners and students! No more searching endlessly for answers only to find long documents full of jargon that takes even more time to try and understand. 

With only an hour of your time each week, you’ll learn the information you need to maximize your skills and it’s up to you how far you’ll go with those skills! 

With these resources, you’ll be able to serve both your patients and yourself better while potentially maximizing your reimbursement!

fingerprint outline to signify unique

You deserve to feel confident advocating for your unique value and comfortable answering patient questions like “will my insurance cover that?” without feeling frustrated and wasting your precious free time.

woman in scrubs smiling and holding weights

You know you provide a necessary  service and you deserve to feel confident answering questions and explaining why your company needs your unique skills. Plus, a little evidence never hurt! 

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You’re an OT practitioner which means you’re an expert at identifying barriers and supports, developing a plan, and thinking about how you help others meet their goals. Those are some amazing skills!

Save time, money, and hassles

Ya... you could spend hours trying to learn this stuff yourself. But you'll waste that precious free time!

Quick urgent care and attention

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Accessible quality care for all

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How does this work?

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This course is now closed but we will open up again in the fall!

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Course sign-ups will only be open for one week! If you're on the waitlist you get first dibs.

Time for Take Off!

The course will officially launch again later this year. Stay tuned for official dates!

How does this work?

Sign Up for the Waitlist

Reserve your spot for this course because spots are limited! Sign ups close on June 30th.

The Count Down

I'll send you some fun mail before the course starts and you can join our secret course Facebook page to meet other students.

Time for Take Off!

The course officially starts July 11th! Eacch week you'll get access to new videos. We'll wrap up after 5 weeks with a live Q&A!

What topics are discussed in the Adult Rehab Reimbursement Course?

The Guide to Reimbursement has about an hour of video content each week complete with value-packed handouts, transcripts, and more! This isn’t your typical CEU 😉

Each week, we’ll cover a new topic with a series of videos. Videos are easy to digest at only 10-20 minutes each. At the end of each week, we’ll have a virtual discussion.


Once we reach the end of week 5, we’ll plan a live Q&A with me where we will discuss any final concepts and get your questions answered! 

New Grad Reimbursement Guide preview

That's a total value of $675

We know that's out of budget for most of new clinicians & students

The cost for beta testers is only $75 !

Time Until Sign-Ups Close

The beta program sign-up has officially closed! Join the waitlist for our September course.

The Dates

  • Sign-ups for the course officially close Thursday, June 30th at 11:59 pm EST
  • The first video launches July 11th at 8:00am EST – Videos are on demand so watch at your pace!

The Business Stuff

Since this is the first time we're running the course, the cost is only $75. When the course officially launches it most likely will be over $200. So, by being a beta tester you receive over 50% off the course!

Why such a discount? Because we want LOTS of feedback. What you love, what you hate, what was missing, etc.

There are only 15 spots for the beta so make sure you sign up now!!

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The Course is Closed.
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