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Inspiring OT practitioners to build confidence and knowledge through advocacy & policy.

Easy and current resources to be the change you want to see in healthcare.

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Working in healthcare is hard… Let’s make it easier.

Sound familiar?

👉 Feeling intimidated when reading a Medicare document or speaking with your boss about reimbursement?

👉 Stumbling through how to respond when patients ask, “Will my insurance cover this?”

👉 Feeling undervalued for the job and service you provide as an OT practitioner?

👉 Being told to pick up patients to meet a quota or improve productivity?

If yes… it’s time to try something different.

Sure, you could keep feeling pushed around, frustrated, fearful, and maybe a little burnt out… 

Or… you could become the hero of your own story and become an confident and informed OT AMPLIFIER!
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Meet your tour guide

Hi! 👋 I’m Clarice.

An occupational therapist, healthcare policy enthusiast, and OT advocate. I founded Amplify OT to help you navigate and thrive in our US healthcare system!

I’ve struggled to understand a Medicare document and advocate for myself or for my patients. As a result, I lost money, I lost sleep, and my patients didn’t receive the care they deserved. 

Through Amplify OT I’ve helped hundreds of students and practitioners just like you be the change they want to see in healthcare. 

You can love your job as an OT practitioner, be ethical, AND successful. Here’s how…

Learn the rules to make positive change!

What if I told you that understanding Medicare policy and reimbursement could actually lead to more job satisfaction, leadership opportunities, and perhaps… more pay? 🧐

Imagine, you have the information and knowledge to advocate for your value as an occupational therapy practitioner AND help you patients in the process. Sound impossible? 

Well, it’s not! Amplify OT provides easy to understand resources to help you achieve your goals. ✅

So, are you ready to start on the journey? 

Explore Amplify OT’s Resources

Intro to Payment

ipad showing the reimbursement playlist and guide
Free Playlist & Guide

Your on-the-go resource on how reimbursement impacts your scope of practice and plan of care.

Discharge Planning

laptop on desk showing the dischrage planning and continuum of care handout
Free Discharge Guide

Make discharge plans with confidence by understanding the patient’s journey. 

Comprehensive Guide

Adult Rehab Guide paperback sitting on top of a desk
Adult Rehab Guide

Comprehensive and easy info on insurance, admission criteria, the role of OT, and more in one guide book.

The Amplify OT Membership

Jump straight to a comprehensive solution with the Amplify OT Membership! Gain access to comprehensive courses and resources you won’t find anywhere else. 

 >>Learn more here

Additional Resources

Looking for courses and additional information? You’ll want to join our Amplify OT Membership community. This community is available to individual practitioners, leaders, faculty, and OT and OTA programs. 

Take the guessing out of reimbursement and find answers that are actually founded in Medicare policy vs guesses on social media. 

woman holding a phone with airpods in the background listening to the Amplify OT Podcast

Learn On the Go with the Amplify OT Podcast

Don’t let driving or being busy slow you down! Take Amplify OT with you wherever you go with the Amplify OT Podcast.

Think of it like having a Medicare specialist in your pocket!

Listen HERE or on your favorite podcast app.

Get started with our Free Reimbursement Playlist and Guide!

Curious how insurance and advocacy actually impact what you do? Enter your details and I’ll send you our free Reimbursement Guide and OT Podcast Playlist straight away!

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Client Testimonials

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