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Finally Understand Reimbursement and Insurance

OT Reimbursement Playlist and Guide

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👋Hey there, OT warriors and advocates!​ Here's What You'll Learn:

✔️ Understand how insurance impacts your plan of care and what services are available to the patient as a result.

✔️ Improve billing and plan of care developement with information on the 8-minute rule. 

✔️ Learn how to advocate for reimbursement by understanding how Medicare law is made and how your voice makes a difference!

Meet Clarice

Hi there! I’m Clarice Grote, occupational therapist and known as the go-to-gal who makes Medicare easy. 

As a new grad OT, I really struggled to understand my role in our healthcare system. So, I took my interest in policy and advocacy and learned how to better advocate for my patients and my value as an occupational therapist.

I’ve taken all that knowledge and put it into resources that are easy for you so you can amplify occupational therapy!

When you grab the OT Reimbursement Playlist and Guide, you gain information and perspective of occupational therapy, not just in your setting but in the patient’s journey through our healthcare system. 

Together, we can be the change we want to see in our healthcare system!

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Make a plan of care with confidence!

Grab Your Free OT Reimbursment Playlist and Guide Now

🚨 you may experience increased confidence and the temptation to speak up and speak often 🚨

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Advocacy and policy have never been so easy 🤩

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