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Ep 35: Billing for Point of Service (POS) Documentation

Billing for Point of Service (POS) Documentation

Questions around billing are ones I get asked quite often and like any other type of billing, billing  for point of service documentation can be tricky to navigate. The main reason I find that people want to include their documentation or chart review time in their billable time is not that they are purposely trying to defraud someone or do something illegal, but it’s typically because they just want their job to recognize the work they did. That’s why this week on The Amplify OT Podcast, I am talking about billing for point of service (or POS) documentation!

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In this episode, I cover:

  • How to advocate for yourself if your employer is pressuring you to report minutes in the billing section that are spent documenting or chart reviewing and not with a patient.
  • Instances where you can and cannot bill for documentation time.
  • The main question you need to ask yourself to determine whether or not you can bill for your POS documentation. 
  • Examples of instances where billing for point of service documentation is necessary and when it may be inappropriate. 
  • Why you cannot bill for documentation or chart review time when you are not with the patient.

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