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Ep 5: Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Today’s episode is all about PDPM in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF). We talk about the fundamentals of the old payment system or RUG levels and how it is different from the payment model we have today. We also take a good look at Section GG, its impact on reimbursement and quality outcomes, how therapy specifically is paid for, group and concurrent therapy, and more!  Do productivity talks, Medicare lingo, and reimbursement rules make you want to give up on the profession? Sure, you can keep wrestling with the info provided by your company, looking for documentation shortcuts and posting questions in Facebook groups while hoping you’re doing things right OR you could carve out a bit of time to learn and in return you’ll be able to understand policy basics, know where to find the correct answers, and successfully advocate for yourself and your patients. Are you ready to trade that feeling of not knowing for being an informed and empowered occupational therapy practitioner? Sign up for the Mastering OT Policy & Medicare Course before October 14th, 2022! Need CEUs? Save 40% off on your Medbridge subscription by using code “AmplifyOT” at checkout or by visiting Medbridge has great CEUs on the OASIS and Medicare Reimbursement. CONNECT WITH AMPLIFY OT: Website Work With Me Free Newsletter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook TikTok

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