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Ep 27: The Role of OT in Acute Care and the Challenges of Discharge Planning

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Acute Care and the Challenges of Discharge Planning



In acute care settings when it comes to getting your patients home safely, it truly is a team effort between the occupational therapists and case management team to make decisions and placements in the best interest of the patient. That’s why this week on The Amplify OT Podcast, Alyssa and I are talking about the role of occupational therapy in acute care and the challenges of discharge planning!

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In this episode, Alyssa and I cover:

  • Finding the right workplace setting for you in occupational therapy.
  • The unique value of occupational therapy in acute care settings and how to communicate your role to the patients in your care.
  • Some of our favorite interventions and evaluation questions to ask during assessments. 
  • How Alyssa got into case management and the biggest takeaways she took from her experience thus far. 
  • The importance of documenting to influence the patient’s care down the line.
  • Advice for other clinicians interested in learning more about discharge planning and building a relationship with their case management team.

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