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Hard Time Wiping – Toileting Course


Whenever patients had a hard time toileting, I never felt comfortable giving them solutions. I had my go-to toilet wand and grab bars, but that was about it. But then, I took Maria’s course Hard Time Wiping – Let’s talk A-booty it!

Maria is an occupational therapist with expertise in home modifications and toileting. Her course is written speaking to the individual who has difficulty wiping (patients, mom, dad) but the information is extremely helpful for clinicians.

Maria breaks down all sorts of equipment, bathroom setups, and more. It really helped me feel comfortable explaining equipment to patients and addressing the often neglected topic of toilet time.

As Maria says, Hard Time Wiping is “…your guide to the freedom and exuberance of cleaning your booty up easier after using the toilet is here!”


**This link is an affiliate link. This won’t add any cost to you but it helps me provide free content on my site. I have taken her course and wouldn’t recommend something I don’t believe in. This page leads to an external site*

Hard Time Wiping? Let's Talk A-booty it! featuring toilet against blue background with Stay at Home Solutions logoHard Time Wiping – Toileting Course
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