Home Health OASIS Scoring Webinar


Worried you’re not scoring the OASIS accurately or curious how you can use the OASIS to advocate for OT?


Those questions and more are answered in this Q&A. Learn where to find the most accurate and FREE information on how to score the OASIS and how appropriate scoring can maximize reimbursement and demonstrate your unique value in home health.

Are you ready to go from guessing to confident?

I know I didn’t like leaving a patient’s house wondering if I got all of the information I needed. And I’m sure you don’t like it either. So it’s time to do something about it.

This webinar answers the most commonly asked questions about the OASIS and gives you practical advice on how to implement the strategies and information in your practice.   Information:

  • Register today to get access to this webinar for 180 days (~6 months).
  • Handout included
  • Due to some promotional material in this course, it is not available for CEU credit.


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