Mastering OT Policy & Medicare


Time For You To Trade “Not-Knowing” 🤔 For Informed-And-Empowered 🙌

Through online videos, printable resources, and Q&A opportunities, OT practitioners get straight answers on the reimbursement and policy forces that influence clinical work in the United States. 


In a few short modules, you’ll trade questions and inaccurate information for a solid and ethical foundation on healthcare policy. In doing so, you’ll elevate your decision-making, effectiveness, and ability to provide value as an occupational therapy practitioner. 


Summed up, it’s straight-talk answers about Medicare and healthcare systems without boredom or fear tactics of traditional compliance education. 


Course includes:

  • Online modules for convenient learning for busy clinicians 
  • Opportunity to earn 5.5 CEU hours
  • Handouts and infographics 
  • Access to the course for 6 months
  • Direct answers via an online community and access to a policy expert

Mastering OT Policy & Medicare, VIP Experience

Mastering OT Policy and Medicare. Time for you to trade "not knowing" for informed and empoweredMastering OT Policy & Medicare
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