OT Billing Guide



If you’ve ever found yourself asking: Would that count as self-care or therapeutic activity? or How many units is 25 minutes? – the OT Billing Guide is EXACTLY what you need.

Stop guessing and bill with confidence! The future of the profession depends on your accurate billing and documentation.

It’s easy to forget after a long day what eval code to choose, what exactly a coinsurance is, and the difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage. With the OT Billing Guide, you won’t have to guess or depend on the super slow internet. Instead, you have an easy reference guide on your phone, computer, or in your clipboard that you can access any time you need it. This guide was last updated in 2022 so gone are the days where you have to use that one reference sheet that has been copied 100 times and is barely legible.

This guide is available as a PDF OR Laminated (which we mail to you). It’s 8.5x 11 so perfect to fit in your clipboard for easy access during sessions.


Digital, Laminated

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