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Quick Question Consulting



So…You’ve spent that precious free time looking for answers and haven’t found much. Maybe you’re even a little more confused than when you started. 

I know the feeling. I’m Clarice Grote and I’m an occupational therapist and Medicare Specialist. I’ve been where you are and the lack of OT specific resources is what led me to start Amplify OT in the first place.

You don’t have to waste your free time and not get answers. By scheduling a consulting call with me you’ll save time and get the answers you need!

Before your session I’ll ask you to send me your questions so I can do about 30 minutes of research before we talk. After the consultation, I spend about an hour pulling together a formalized summary of our session together complete with links and topics we discussed.

You are worth the investment! You deserve to feel confident and comfortable with the services you provide and the unique value you bring to the world!

If you’re ready to finally get your questions answered, schedule a session today! I can’t wait to meet with you.

Session Length

30 Minute Session, 60 Minute Session, New Grad/ Student

1 review for Quick Question Consulting

  1. Clarice Grote Headshot

    Maria Turcotte, SLP

    Clarice was just the right person to come to with my jumble of ideas about expanding professional education in healthcare policy/advocacy. Between a great meeting and a straightforward coaching summary, Clarice helped me differentiate achievable goals to pursue, guided me with specific tips for presenting to each of my target audiences, and shared so many resources. I’m feeling excited and prepared to tackle my new plans thanks to her!

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