Therapy Blogging 101


Dreaming of starting your own company or website to share your expertise with those who need it? Then check out the Therapy Blogging 101 course. I fully endorse Therapy Blogging 101 and still reference it regularly. Their handouts and at your own pace course is incredible. Don’t let the low price fool you! It’s an all-in-one guide to starting a website and blogging business! It’s worth the investment in yourself. 

My Story: When I was looking to start Amplify OT, I knew nothing about web design, how to start an online store, how to get affiliate links, or even the basics of what should go into a business plan. I was doing my own research but it felt like there weren’t any resources specific enough to me as a therapy practitioner.

Fortunately, I found Meredith (The Non-Clinical PT) and Chanda’s (Pink Oatmeal) Therapy Blogging 101 course. Now, I’ll admit, I tried to go off script and try different products than they recommended. Unfortunately, it led to a lot of money spent and lots of tears. Long story short, I was able to correct course and resolved to follow their recommendations. Therapy Blogging 101’s recommendations are the reason you see the website you are currently using. 

So, use the link above to head to their course and save $20 off by using my affiliate link. An affiliate link doesn’t add any cost to you (in fact this time it saves you money) but it does help me continue to grow Amplify OT and provide you with free resources.

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