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Prepare the Future of the Profession to Advocate for OT and Navigate the US Healthcare System with Confidence

Save hours of your time and feel good knowing you’re providing students with the resources they need to be successful in fieldwork and in our healthcare system. 

Somehow Congress even seems to move faster than the average textbook. 

That’s why when it comes to teaching policy, you want something more dynamic that can be updated in an instant. 

Using a web-based resource allows for that dynamic flexibility. I send out consistent emails and updates in our platform to make sure your students have the latest information.

What happens in DC… doesn’t stay in DC.

We know that policy impacts our profession in a HUGE way and that if we don’t learn how to navigate the US healthcare system… we may choose to leave it.

By giving students an understanding of policy and reimbursement, we give them a map for how to navigate difficult clinical scenarios, patient advocacy, and how to investigate new areas of practice or entrepreneurship.

The long and short of it is that advocacy and policy are essential, but staying up to date on them and making the content engaging is challenging.

Here’s what your students can expect to learn with Amplify OT:

  • Insurance terms and Medicare types
  • Government agencies impacting healthcare
  • How to pass a bill
  • How OT services are paid for in adult rehab settings
  • How to find information on Medicare sites, AOTA, and using search engines
  • Current legislation and advocacy initiatives at the federal and state level
  • and more!

You shouldn’t have to be up until midnight the night before a class looking for information on Medicare’s new policy (and then losing it again). 

Let Amplify OT help you and your students with our innovative and consistently updated resources. 

How do we do that? Well… let me show you! ⬇️


Amplify OT Membership - Student Edition

The Amplify OT Membership – Student Edition provides on-demand innovative and comprehensive resources students need to be prepared for the realities of working in our US healthcare system. 

Gain access to our key course Mastering OT Policy and Medicare which contains over 20 video lessons you can incorporate into your program.

Plus, they gain access to Clarice – an OT, the founder of Amplify OT, and a Medicare specialist. Think of me like your adjunct professor to go! Here to support you and your students!

You don’t have to try and figure out what Medicare covers on your own…  With Mastering OT Policy and Medicare™ you’re getting policy knowledge tailored to occupational therapy.

Wave goodbye to crossing our fingers and hoping information translates to OT or telling students to skip portions of a textbook that are so out of date it’s criminal. 👋

Together, we can help students enter the field prepared to advocate for the profession, their patients, and themselves.

Together – we can prepare your students to be OT Amplifiers!

Hi👋! I’m Clarice,

Clarice smiling against pink background

The occupational therapist who brings policy alive and turns fellow OTPs into confident advocates.

I’m an occupational therapist, healthcare policy enthusiast, and the founder of Amplify OT.

As a new OT, I really struggled to advocate for my services and understand Medicare policies which meant I lost money and my patients didn’t get the care they needed. 

I hated how I had to always search for a policy with “physical therapy” to try and find something that maybe applied to OT. 

This frustration led me to create Amplify OT and start empowering others to use policy to work for them in our changing healthcare system. reading a foreign language. 

 Policy is my passion and I want to bring that passion to your cohort. 

As seen on…

Whenever I look for updated resources I end up losing hours down a rabbit hole…

Navigating government websites is not for the faint of heart… 

I saved all my favorite resources and put them into handouts associated with the Mastering OT Policy and Medicare lessons.

This program isn’t just for your students, it’s also for you. Each of my courses can save you hours of research because I’ve already done the work of reading the policy, translating it for OT, putting it into videos, AND including all of my sources and information in comprehensive downloadable handouts.

So no more wasting hours looking for information… simply watch one of our lessons, review the handout, and update your slides in minutes. And don’t forget to assign our lesson to students to go with your class topics. 

This semester you can give yourself and your students the gift of access to 23 lessons (in the Mastering OT Policy and Medicare Course alone), complete with handouts and resources that link directly from the source.

Ok… I’m starting to imagine my students using this resource… but what does it look like in reality?

Picture this… you assign your students a couple of videos to watch before their next lecture and have them take the associated quiz to assess learning.

This quiz is auto-grading so they just need to send you the PDF of their certificate to verify learning. Or you can download the info yourself in our easy-to-access student reports.

Here’s how other OT and OTA program use Amplify OT Resources:

  • Required ‘reading’ to complete before the next lesson
  • Assign the video lessons associated with the student’s fieldwork settings
  • Preparation for state of federal advocacy day
  • Preparation for Level 1 and Level 2 fieldworks
  • Video material to decrease in-class time to support flexible schedules
  • Provide more comprehensive coverage of topics that class time just doesn’t allow for

You’ve got a lot of material to cover… so instead of partially covering a topic and hoping for the best, you can refer students to our comprehensive lessons and resources for continued learning. 

This is the continuously updated textbook that fits in your pocket

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes look at the platform students will use to access the Amplify OT lessons on our membership platform.

Comprehensive Coverage of OT Adult Rehab Reimbursement in the Mastering OT Policy and Medicare Modules

Various computer and tech screens showing images of the Mastering OT Policy and Medicare course

Course Details

Mastering OT Policy and Medicare includes 5 modules made up of 23 lessons. Each on-demand video is about 6-20 minutes in length, depending on the topic. There are approximately 5 hours of video in the course (not including bonus webinars). 

**The course is currently being updated so some lesson titles, quantity, and order of lessons may be changed**

1: Health Insurance

  • What is healthcare and health insurance?
  • History of health insurance in the US
  • Health insurance plans
  • Health insurance terms
  • Medicare plans & Medicare Advantage
  • Important players (HHS, CMs, WHO, AMA, etc.)
  • Quality Measurement

2: Medicare Reimbursement in Adult Settings

  • The Continuum of Care
  • Acute
  • Long-Term Care Hospital
  • Inpatient Rehab Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health
  • Outpatient
  • Hospice/ Palliative
  • Section GG

3: Billing

  • Billing basics
  • 15 minutes/ 8-minute rule
  • Evaluation Codes
  • Unique codes: orthotics, and modifiers

4: Where to Find Information

  • Navigating AOTA’s website
  • Taking action is easy
  • CMS resources
  • Always ask for the policy

5: Advocacy and Current Issues Facing Our Practice

  • Civics 101 – how Medicare law is made
  • Why we advocate
  • Federal Advocacy
  • State Advocacy

Bonus Lessons

  • Home Health OASIS
  • Section GG Review
  • How to be an OT Advocate
  • Skilled Services
  • And more!

What’s included:

What Students Learn

What occupational therapy faculty are saying…

Michelle Jackson smiling in front of pink circle

“Clarice is incredibly knowledgeable about reimbursement for OT services and stays current with any changes that occur. Her course is a valuable addition to my current curriculum.”

-Michelle Jackson,

Professor of Occupational Therapy
Cox College - Springfield, MO

“I’m a teacher, so I really need to have reliable sources. Through Clarice’s Amplify OT and through some of her CEU courses, I’ve been able to get information that is reliable, that I need.”

-Sandy Sanford, MS, COTA/L

OTA Professor at Ozark University Therapy

Access to a community of OT Amplifiers

The Mastering OT Policy and Medicare modules are built into the Amplify OT Membership. This means that students gain access to a community of students, practitioners, and leaders in our field!

They can attend any of the office hours and specialty meet-ups just like any other member. They also have access to me, Clarice Grote, to ask questions. I’m here to support you and your students!

Additionally, students and faculty gain access to our student and faculty corner groups where they can network, ask questions, and collaborate.

Student studying anatomy smiling with the professor under text that reads: Developing OT Change Agents. Prepare your students to enter the field with up-to-date resources on insurance, healthcare, and advocacy that they‘ll actually use. Learn more with Amplify OT

Investment in the Future of Our Profession

Program Level

Pricing is based on the total number of enrolled students.

  • 1-50: $1,000
  • 50-100: $1,200
  • 100-150: $1,400
  • 150+ : contact me
Student Level

Students enroll independently for one year of access.

  • $75/ student 

**pricing is subject to change**

You’re busy, and keeping track of all this information can be challenging. Let’s partner together to help the next generation of occupational therapy practitioners enter the field with the policy knowledge they need! 


Each lesson has a 5-6 question auto-grading quiz that is predominately made up of multiple choice questions. 

Each quiz issues a certificate with the student’s name, date of quiz, time, and score. 

For affiliated programs, faculty can easily access real-time student reports 24/7 via the faculty dashboard. 

Faculty memberships are included in the Amplify OT Membership – Student Edition. Typically 3 free faculty logins are included. 

If you’re considering using the Amplify OT Membership – Student Edition for your course, please fill out the form below and we’d be happy to send you a link for a free trial to peruse the site. 

Amplify OT resources were developed with ACOTE standards in mind. We provide comprehensive education on reimbursement, healthcare systems, advocacy, policy, legislation, and more!

We do this through video formats and assess knowledge through multiple choice quiz questions. These quizzes then issue certificates complete with names and scores so you can verify learning.

Amplify OT is currently working on developing a handout identifying how lessons meet ACOTE standards. If you would like a copy of the draft, please send me an email at

It is up to the university to ensure they are in compliance with ACOTE standards. Amplify OT cannot guarantee ACOTE will accept any material as acceptable.

Absolutely! While Amplify OT is my full-time job, I am passionate about providing free resources that are still high value!

Please visit or use the links below to access our free resources. Students can easily access them by entering their email. 

Amplify OT Members can access these resources and others HERE.

Please feel free to also utilize our free articles and the Amplify OT Podcast to support learning! You can find the Amplify OT Podcast on your favorite podcast app or at amplify 

Yes! Information from this page and other details are laid out in this document which you can download here and share with whoever needs to see it. 

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions. 

If your program wants to use the Amplify OT Membership as a recommended or required material, it is as easy as the next few steps:

  1. Fill out this quick form with information on your program.
  2. We can set up a demo call and/or send you a discount code and link for students to sign up.
  3. Send the link and code to your students and they can sign up at their leisure.

If your program signs up on behalf of students, then use the below directions:

  1. Fill out this quick form with information on your program
  2. We will confirm numbers and information and set up a demo call.
  3. We will send an invoice and confirm activation date.
  4. You send us a list of students and their emails and then we’ll activate student subscriptions on the activation date.

Neither – the subscription starts whenever the student signs up as an individual or on the agreed upon “activation date” for programs. 

This allows for optimal flexiblity for programs that have unique schedule structures or for programs that want to use our resources for multiple semesters.

If students sign up individually, they maintain access for 4 months. The subscription auto-renews, so it is up to them to manage their membership.

For programs that sign up, student memberships last for one year from the activation date and it does not auto-renew.

Through the Amplify OT Membership, your students gain access to our key course, the Mastering OT Policy and Medicare course. This course is 5 modules with videos lasting on average 5-20 minutes in length. Each lesson has a 5-6 question auto-grading quiz that issues a certificate.

In addition to this program, students have access to all other Amplify OT webinars and courses. They also have access to our community features such as the activity feed, groups and forums, and monthly live meetups and office hours.

Lastly, they have the ability to DM me, Clarice, questions or comments throughout their membership.

Students are able to contact Clarice at any time via email or through the direct messaging features in the Amplify OT Membership platform. 

Additionally, students and faculty are able to attend the bi-monthly office hours and monthly meetups. It’s as if they have an extra faculty member available!

Our courses do offer a certificate of completion that you can utilize for your professional development plans and potentially also for state licensure continuing education requirements. 

However, we cannot guarantee acceptance by your program, ACOTE, or other governing bodies. 

Yes! Of course we will do our best to ensure satisfaction with our programs. However, if it isn’t a good fit, we are able to offer a refund policy.

Programs who sign up on behalf of students are eligible to receive a 50% refund within the first 30 days of activation. Due to the administrative time and staff required to set up the program, we are unable to offer a 100% refund.

If the memberships are not yet activated, we can offer an 80% refund after the transaction has been completed. This is to account for processing fees which can often be a few hundred dollars.

For individual sign-ups, students have 30-days to request a refund. However, if any quizzes or courses have been completed, a refund will not be issued. The student must not have utilized the materials in any way to receive a refund. This is included in our Terms and Conditions and Refund and Returns Policy.

Ready to learn more? Simply fill out this form and we’ll reach out!

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