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You have questions and you’re looking for answers. Maybe something doesn’t seem right at work. Or you’re changing settings and trying to understand the reimbursement structure is like reading a new language. 

If you’re tried of trying to do things on your own, try scheduling a consulting session. 

Your free time is too valuable to waste.  

Each consulting session includes

  • 1:1 zoom call with me
  • PDF with resources and summary of our call
  • Hours of your free tims saved looking for answers alone!

So, whatever you’re trying to do, stop doing it alone. It takes a village and I’m here to help!

Contact me today to schedule a session!

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The question for this week’s Amplify OT Q&A is: Is OT a qualifying service in home health? Well, after the passage of legislation allowing OTs to initiate home health episodes…
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What is PDGM in Home Health?

What is PDGM? PDGM stands for the Patient-Driven Grouping Model. This is a payment model used in home health for Medicare Part A beneficiaries to cover home health services. PDGM…

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