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Feel confident advocating for your value!

Our free policy resources can help you be the change you want to see in the healthcare system. Our newseltters are completly free and is the best way to get the latest updates from Amplify OT. 

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Learn More About Our Mentoring Services

As part of my mission to help you thrive in the traditional medical model, I offer mentoring services. The list of topics we can discuss are endless but typically, people seek my help for the following reasons. 

  • You feel stuck 
  • Productivity feels unmanageable and your boss sees you as just a number
  • You want to know how to best advocate for your unique value
  • You don’t feel respected and want to know how to fix that
  • You’re transitioning to a new setting 
  • You feel like insurance has taken away your passion
  • You’re about to start your first fieldwork and have no idea what to expect

Whatever reason it is, I’m happy to help you! Head to the page linked below to learn more. And if you aren’t sure if its a good fit, use the link at the top of my page and we can schedule a quick call to discuss the details!

Looking forward to meeting with you!


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Feel confident advocating for your value

Our free policy resources can help you be the change you want to see in the healthcare system.

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