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Occupational Therapy in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Nursing Homes

Occupational therapy (OT) has an important role in skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and nursing homes. You are able to utilize your expertise to help people meet their goals and maintain or restore their ability to engage in meaningful activities.

Additionally, the role of OT in SNF is hugely important because OT practitioners are key in meeting quality outcomes and ensuring accurate reimbursement. 

Remember, knowledge is power! Imagine how much easier it would be to advocate for yourself and your patients if you had the right information at your finger tips? Check out these resources from Amplify OT to learn more about OT’s role in SNFs and nursing homes. 


Understanding PDPM

Understanding the Patient-Driven Payment Model is key in advocating for occupational therapy and understanding what is expected of your and why.

Understanding PDPM is like understand how to drive – makes getting on the road a lot less scary.

Check out these articles and podcasts on how OT is paid for in SNF.

Articles on Billing

Now that you know how Medicare pays for occupational therapy in skilled nursing facilities, let’s look at how to bill for those services. Skilled occupational therapy and co-treating can apply to Part A and Part B coverage. The 8-minute rule and Part B Billing apply mostly to Part B clients who may live in long-term care or the nursing home side. 

Did you find these articles helpful but with you had a more information so you felt comfortable chatting with your boss or maybe even moving into that leadership role? Then check out the Amplify OT Membership.

The membership is where you can find Amplify OT’s comprehensive courses on reimbursement and advocacy, access our community of OT Amplifiers, and gain support from Clarice for any questions you might have.

Sound like something you wish you had like… yesterday? Then check it out here. 

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Other OT and SNF Articles

Hi👋! I’m Clarice,

Clarice smiling against pink background

The occupational therapist who brings policy alive and turns fellow OTPs into confident OT Amplifiers.

I’m an occupational therapist, healthcare policy enthusiast, and OT advocate. I founded Amplify OT to help you navigate and thrive in the traditional medical model.

As a new practitioner, I didn’t understand how the healthcare system worked and that made it hard to advocate for my clinical judgment and my patients.

So I rolled up my sleeves and learned how to read and apply policy. I got involved and didn’t let my lack of experience or imposter syndrome get in the way of speaking up.

Ultimately, my knack for policy made me a better clinician and even opened new doors to leadership and advocacy experiences. Without a law degree or a million years of experience, I helped pass a state law to streamline employment for new OT grads and progressed the licensure compact in Missouri.

Plus, I stepped into opportunities to collaborate with AOTA on national policy and advocacy initiatives. 

With a desire to impact individual lives and the healthcare system as a whole, I packaged all my knowledge and resources into the Amplify OT Membership so you can have them too. 

By including community and ongoing resources, I’m confident you’ll feel up-to-date and empowered as an OT or OTA working in the sometimes wild jungle we call the healthcare system in the United States. 

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Tech display of the Amplify OT Membership showing our course page, groups, and activity feed.

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