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Adult Rehab Guide:
Medicare Reimbursement and the Role of Occupational Therapy

Comprehensive and easy info on insurance, admission criteria, the role of OT, and more in one guide book. Readily available in two formats:​

Are you ready to understand Medicare coverage and how it affects you as an occupational therapist?

If your answer to that is "yes", then step right up and grab yourself a copy of the Adult Rehab Guide!

This amazing resource is designed to help practitioners better understand how to communicate their value to management and help answer patient questions about Medicare coverage related to occupational therapy.

It covers occupational therapy services in adult rehab settings, including Medicare coverage, quality measures, health insurance types, durable medical equipment coverage, common interventions, and so much more!

We’re talking about learning the ins and outs of OT therapy services in major adult rehab settings, including:

Interested? Then get yourself a copy and start learning!

Who will this guide benefit the most?

The Adult Rehab Guide provides you with answers to many of the typical patient questions about Medicare coverage of equipment and occupational therapy. As such, it is recommended reading for the following: 

OT Students

New Graduates

Acute Care Clinicians

OT Practitioners switching settings

Any clinician who wants to better understand their role and answer patient questions

Do you fall into any of those categories? If you do, then👇
Be in-the-know. Get empowered.

It's time to understand how healthcare works so that you can know better and thereafter do better.

As clinicians, if we don’t understand how the healthcare system works, it is like trying to drive the wrong way down a highway. Good news is like your old driver’s ed book, the Adult Rehab Guide is here to help you understand the rules of the road in healthcare.

You deserve to understand your role as an OT practitioner and how reimbursement impacts you, your job, and your patients.!

So then, are you ready to start turning things around?

Meet Your Author

Hi! I'm Clarice Grote,

occupational therapist, Medicare specialist, health policy consultant, & the founder and CEO of Amplify OT.

Through my work with Amplify OT, I help OT students and practitioners demystify the ins and outs of our industry by offering in-depth information and resources on OT advocacy and Medicare policy.

I developed the Adult Rehab Guide to help you understand our important role in each setting and how Medicare pays for our services. As a new grad I struggled to figure out the difference between each setting. It made it hard to pick my first job and then again when I worked in acute care it was difficult to make discharge recommendations. 

Understanding the role of OT in each setting and when it was covered helped me make effective discharge plans, explain them to patients, and advocate for my services to case management. I put this information into one easy guide that you can keep at your desk, on your phone, or whever you need it! 

Basically, it gives you the information you need to start your journey as an OT Amplifier! 

Adult Rehab Guide:
Medicare Reimbursement and the Role of Occupational Therapy

Comprehensive and easy info on insurance, admission criteria, the role of OT, and more in one guide book.
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